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The crossroads of legal scholarship and literary criticism has, over more than forty years of writing and research, become a busy intellectual intersection. As a ground of inquiry, law and literature has transformed from a novel set of proposals to a mature field of study and writing, with well-established perspectives and positions, courses offered for both undergraduates and law students, and the emergence of its own journals. More…

Studies in Ethnomusicology

Conceived as digital-first works, titles in the Amherst Series in Ethnomusicology will discover, nurture, and promote multimodal and nonlinear representation and more collaborative modes of scholarship.  The series particularly seeks authors and approaches that will engage the peoples and cultures of the world’s musical expressions as partners in the work, offering not only our colleagues but our field-work interlocutors a voice in the conversation of scholarship through the utilization of technology supporting the emergence of a commenting and annotating community. More….

Public Works

Senior scholars in the humanities offer perspectives on issues in the public square. More…

Why Does It Matter?

Scholars make the case for studying their field. More…


The Amherst College Press welcomes submissions from authors of works in the humanities that further the objectives we’ve identified as shaping our editorial program. Find out more…

Traditional monographs, shorter works, multimodal scholarship

Most scholarly publishers are set within the institutional framework of a large research university. Not surprisingly, these publishers tend to evaluate scholarly merit through a lens shaped by the needs and priorities of those institutions.

But not all scholarship takes place within these institutions. As a scholarly press situated within the intellectual setting of a liberal-arts college, the Amherst College Press seeks scholarship characterized by originality, rigorous research, and clarity in the communication of ideas. We welcome work characterized by a synthesis of disciplinary perspectives, or that explores the ideas emerging at the boundaries of major division of the academy—between the humanities and the social sciences, the social and natural sciences, or the natural sciences and the humanities. We believe the particular strength of liberal-arts institutions for living, researching, and teaching  in the tension between intellectual disciplines is a fertile and undervalued source of new knowledge. And given the ethos of our home institution on excellence in teaching, we place particular value in choosing our work on “teachable research”—fruits of the scholarly pursuit that have particular impact on young minds, and that support the teaching task. 

In addition, the Amherst College Press benefits from its ties to an institution with a strong reputation for supporting both the expression and the study of literature. Amherst College is well known as the conservator of an unparalleled repository of the manuscripts of Emily Dickinson, and of a variety of associated materials associated with her. Amherst is also institutionally linked to the Folger Shakespeare Library, the world’s preeminent institution for the study of the most quoted author in the English language. Accordingly we look for work that explores the relationship between literature and the human experience, broadly construed.

Finally, as a digital press with an interest in exploring the full range of advantages available to scholars through the use of digital technologies, we welcome projects that creatively exploit the possibilities of multimodal platforms in ways that challenge us to think about scholarly modes of communication beyond the book. We will work with the authors and producers of such work to assure that these projects are subjected to the same rigorous evaluation of scholarly merit typical of scholarship confined to text, and will energetically advocate for this work among all audiences. We look, for example, to create a series of studies in ethnomusicology as a way of exploring the full range of possibilities for scholarly communication opened by these technologies.

Based as we are in the Amherst College Library, the Amherst College Press assumes as well a  responsibility for assuring the discovery, utility, and preservation of the works we publish.