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The Amherst College Press produces pathbreaking, peer-reviewed studies by scholars and makes it available to readers everywhere as digital, open-access work. Digital forms of all of our work—new studies, interviews with authors, and reviews of digital scholarly resources—is provided for use without cost through Creative Commons (4.0) licenses.

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New Release from ACP

A cross-disciplinary reappraisal of the art and teaching of Josef Albers, the Bauhäusler who inspired generations of students to see color holistically—and anticipated many of the insights of twentieth-century neuroscience.


Interviews with Authors

The New Books Network, part of the Amherst College Press, is a growing archive of audio interviews with the authors of new scholarly works in more than a hundred fields. Listen on line, download for free, or follow the field of your interest through an RSS feed.


Featured Series: Public Works

The public square is crowded with contentious issues: the legitimacy of revenge, the rights of women, tolerance and conscience, the future of privacy. We bring the perspective of leading scholars in the humanities to bear on these and other questions.


An Introduction to the Press

The mission and plan of the press is presented to an audience at Amherst College.

About The Press

The Amherst College Press isn’t just a publisher of scholarly work. We’re working to create new ways for scholars in the humanities to communicate their ideas to each other, their students, and interested readers.

Series and Works

Take a look at the series and titles we’re developing. Have an idea for one of our series? Click the “Submit” button at the end of a series description.

New Books Network

The Amherst College Press is the home of the New Books Network, a library of audio interviews with the authors of scholarly books.

The Review of Digital Scholarship

We believe the quality of scholarly work is evaluated by a rigorous and vital engagement with critical readers. We launched The Review of Digital Scholarship to make sure digital work is reviewed in just the same way print works are.

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