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Exactly how do we think we achieve the objective of justice by sentencing people to spend time in prison? How do we a quantitative measure—years, months, weeks—to a qualitative idea like justice? Legal philosopher Linda Ross Meyer examines the practice of sentencing through the lens of the different ways we think about time, and asks us to reflect on how we might better achieve the objective of justice.

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The image of Emily Dickinson is so familiar as to be iconic: the reclusive poet, sequestered and alone, always dressed in white and writing lines of beguiling complexity from the desk in her bedroom in Amherst. But as made clear in an exhibit at The Morgan Library & Museum in New York City—which this volume accompanies—the reality is quite different: Dickinson was connected through the links of family, acquaintance, correspondence, and literary influence to a network of readers who struggled to understand—and often, to constrain—her unique poetic voice.

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Is Donald Trump an anomaly in American political history? Or is he the newest (and perhaps most technologically advanced) expression of a long-standing theme in the American political tradition—the theme of authoritarianism.

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The public square is crowded with contentious issues: the legitimacy of revenge, the rights of women, tolerance and conscience, the future of privacy. We bring the perspective of leading scholars in the humanities to bear on these and other questions.

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