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The Amherst College Press produces pathbreaking, peer-reviewed studies by scholars and makes it available to readers everywhere as digital, open-access work. Digital forms of all of our work—new studies, interviews with authors, and reviews of digital scholarly resources—is provided for use without cost through Creative Commons (4.0) licenses.

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What is—what should be—the place of art in society? Is it merely decorative? Is it only to affirm a given set of cultural preferences? Or should it examine, challenge, even upend these norms to bring open new perspectives for those who experience what artists create?

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In Unburied Bodies: Subversive Corpses and the Authority of the Dead, James Martel surveys the power of the body left unburied to motivate resistance, to bring forth a radically new form of agency, and to undercut the authority claims made by state power.

Wondering how we got here?

Is Donald Trump an anomaly in American political history? Or is he the newest (and perhaps most technologically advanced) expression of a long-standing theme in the American political tradition—the theme of authoritarianism.

Featured Series: Public Works

The public square is crowded with contentious issues: the legitimacy of revenge, the rights of women, tolerance and conscience, the future of privacy. We bring the perspective of leading scholars in the humanities to bear on these and other questions.

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