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Areas of Interest

ACP publishes titles in art history and visual studies; digital and game studies; Latin American studies; literary and media studies; music and sound studies; and Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies. We also have deep interests in activist studies, environmental and energy humanities, multilingualism and translation, public and community humanities, and all forms of justice-oriented scholarship and methodology.

Our publishing program is aligned with the ethos of the liberal arts and deeply committed to accessibility. All our books are fully peer reviewed, expertly copyedited, and well designed; everything we publish is made available both as open-access, freely downloadable ebooks and pdf files as well as affordable paperbacks . Amherst College covers the cost of the open-access edition, so there are no fees or charges to authors or their institutions.

Amherst College Press partners with Fulcrum, the digital publishing platform of Michigan Publishing Services, to produce our books. Fulcrum treats all forms of digital objects equally, which means we have the ability to integrate things like images, video, visualizations, and sound into ebooks in interesting ways. Michigan Publishing Services assures that our titles are discoverable by, and accessible to, the widest possible audience, while being sustainable into the digital future.

For Prospective Authors

See our individual project proposal template to get a sense of what we look for when considering projects. For guidance on proposing and developing edited collections, please see our edited collections information sheet. If you are interested in proposing a series, please review our series proposal guidelines. When you’re ready, submit a proposal to

Here you can find our ACP reader report form for proposals and ACP reader report form for full manuscripts. We undertook an iterative, collaborative process to create these forms, working with Amherst College Press interns to review, analyze, and synthesize current reader report forms from other university presses. We also sought to to engage in and incorporate anti-racist practices as articulated in this anti-racist scholarly reviewing practices.

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You can also find more useful information about scholarly publishing at Ask UP, a website maintained by the Association of University Presses that answers "basic and not-so-basic questions about how to publish and promote scholarship."