Winter/Spring 2024 Newsletter

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Game Poems reviewed in Public Books

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Game Poems: Videogame Design as Lyric Practice by Jordan Magnuson was reviewed by Maria Dikcis at Public Books: “When we approach any act of artistic creation from a place of empathy, generosity, and community building, as Game Poems asks us to do,” Dikcis notes, “everyone wins.”

Preservation Grant Meeting

In September, ACP headed to NYC for two days of discussion and workshops around digital preservation. One of our book projects has been selected to be part of Embedding Preservability for New Forms of Scholarship. Led by New York University Libraries and funded by the Mellon Foundation, the initiative connects digital preservation institutions like Portico and CLOCKSS, libraries, and university presses to study and address challenges associated with preserving complex digital scholarly books and projects. Check our blog for more reflections on digital preservation from acquisitions editor Hannah Brooks-Motl soon.

Italy to Argentina reviewed in Revista de Literatura Hispanoamericana y Comparada


Italy to Argentina: Travel Writing and Emigrant Colonialism by Tullio Pagano was reviewed by Fernanda Elisa Bravo Herrera of the Instituto de Literatura Argentina, UBA in Revista de Literatura Hispanoamericana y Comparada.

Herrera writes: “Por todo esto Italy to Argentina. Travel writing and emigrant colonialism de Tullio Pagano es un libro necesario para los estudios que abordan los contactos entre Argentina e Italia, especialmente los fenómenos migratorios, y un recordatorio de tantas historias, desvíos y cruces entre ambos espacios geoculturales.”

Reimagining Nabokov reviewed in Modern Language Review

Reimagining Nabokov: Pedagogies for the 21st Century edited by Sara Karpukhin and José Vergara was reviewed by Alisa Ballard Lin, of the Ohio State University in the Modern Language Review.

According to Lin, “Reimagining Nabokov constructs an image of a writer to whom, despite many faults and eccentricities, contemporary students are able to relate. This is achieved by articulating varied and innovative pathways for teaching Nabokov to open up less appreciated aspects of the author and... to provide students with greater interpretative agency than in the traditional classroom.”

Deep Horizons contributor Craig Santos Perez wins 2023 National Book Award

Craig Santos Perez, a contributor for Deep Horizons: A Multisensory Archive of Ecological Affects and Prospects edited by Brianne Cohen, Erin Espelie & Bonnie Etherington, has won the 2023 National Book Award in poetry for his new collection From Unincorporated Territory [åmot] (Omnidawn), which you can read more about here.

Congratulations to Perez and to all this year's NBA winners!

Director Updates

At the Association of University Presses 2024 Conference, ACP’s director Beth Bouloukos will be organizing the panel "Prioritizing Ethics and Community-Based Practices: Publishing Models for Native and Indigenous Studies"; she will also be on the panel "Tracking Open Access Metrics: What, How, and To What End."

We are also excited to announce that Beth will be joining the board of the Educopia Institute in April!

Intern Updates

Giovanna da Silva (‘26) joined ACP this fall as a marketing and outreach intern. Since September, she has been working on connecting students and faculty to ACP’s mission. By reaching out to student organizations and interested professors, whether through emails, campaigns, or tabling, she’s helped to raise awareness about the importance of open access to liberal arts education. In October, she designed an interactive display for Open Access Week in Frost Library. In December, she also hosted ACP’s first Office Hours event. This spring, she will continue to build marketing and communications skills with Troy Zaher, ACP’s new marketing associate, as well as spreading the word about new ACP titles!

Priscilla Lee (‘25) is back at ACP as an acquisitions intern, building on skills she learned during her first year at the press (2021-22). Last fall, she joined an editorial meeting for the first time. She also had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Magnuson, author of Game Poems, in front of a live audience at the Center for Humanistic Inquiry. The recording of the event is now a resource on Fulcrum. In March, she will accompany acquisitions editor Hannah Brooks-Motl to the NeMLA Convention, where she will help table for ACP (with bookmarks and stickers designed by both interns!), as well as attend panels and undergraduate research sessions.

New Series: Urgent Knowledges

Urgent Knowledges is a translation series that highlights Indigenous, Afro-descendant, and similarly marginalized intellectual traditions in the geocultural area known as Latin America, including the Caribbean. We actively seek proposals for translations of works and bilingual editions that explore timely and pressing matters such as the climate crisis, forms of inequality, and responses to extractivism. Edited by Paul Schroeder Rodríguez, the series will consider texts from a variety of periods and genres, in both fiction and nonfiction, that center concepts and practices such as suma qamaña (Aymara for ‘convivial living’) and ubuntu (Nguni for ‘I am because we are’). Urgent Knowledges will thus amplify voices that offer an expansive horizon of living in harmony with oneself, with other human and non-human beings, and with the diverse ecosystems that sustain us all.